Amazon Truck Accidents in Idaho

It doesn’t matter where you live in Idaho, whether it’s Pocatello, Rexburg, Twin Falls, Grangeville, Sandpoint, or anywhere in between, you likely see your fair share of Amazon tractor-trailers or delivery vans on the roadway, delivering goods to area warehouses or homes. The danger associated with this is the risk of becoming involved in a crash with one of these vehicles. Our attorneys at Trucking Injury Law Group regularly handle Amazon truck accidents in Idaho. Let us help you if you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one. An initial consultation to discuss your rights is completely free.

What To Know About Amazon’s Presence in Idaho

In 2019, there was an announcement that a new Amazon distribution center would be opening in Nampa in 2020. At the time of the announcement, the City of Nampa announced that there would be an increase of 350 truck trips and 7,000 vehicle trips once construction was complete.

Then, in early 2021, Amazon announced that it would open a new fulfillment center in the Spokane Valley, which lies just a few miles across Idaho’s western border. At the time of the announcement, Amazon said that it intended for the 116,000 square-foot facility to create at least 1,000 new jobs and said it would receive daily trucks with items such as sports equipment, strollers, and paper goods that would go to customers in the region, including Northern Idaho.

Before these distribution or fulfillment centers existed, Amazon trucks and vans used to travel along the following interstates and business routes in transit to their final local destinations on the West Coast or out East:

  • I-15, which runs between Woodruff and Monida Pass
  • I-84, which begins in Fruitland and terminates in Black Pine
  • I-184 or US-30, which traverses Boise
  • I-86, which starts in Delco and runs through Chubbuck
  • I-90, which starts at the Idaho state line and continues on through the Lookout Pass

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the highways listed above are where Amazon delivery crashes often occur.

Noteworthy Idaho Crashes Involving Amazon Trucks in Recent Years

Some Amazon truck collisions that occurred in Idaho in recent years have left motorists and bystanders injured or that have had the potential of doing so include:

  • 6, 2021: Idaho State Police (ISP) reports show that a large Amazon tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound on Interstate 84 in Meridian near the Locust Grove overpass at around 1:30 a.m. when one of its tires blew out. That incident caused the operator of the 18-wheeler to lose control of their truck and crash into a barrier, which ruptured its fuel tank, not only setting the tractor-trailer but also the nearby brush ablaze. Fortunately, no one (the trucker included) was hurt in the incident, thanks to fire crews responding to the scene fairly quickly. It took firefighters several hours to fully extinguish the blaze.
  • 13, 2023: A chain-reaction crash led to a rollover accident along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 84, just north of Kimberly and close to exit 182 around 2:20 p.m. The driver of the potato-carrying harvest semi-truck out of Kenworth rear-ended a BMW passenger car driven by a Burley resident, an impact which caused the open-air truck to roll over, releasing its load all over the roadway. The crash’s impact led the BMW to collide with an Amazon delivery driver operating a Ford transit van. In the end, paramedics life-flighted the Amazon driver to the hospital and transported the harvest truck and BMW operators to the hospital by ambulance. The crash investigation and cleanup backed up traffic for miles and ultimately left the busy roadway closed for nearly seven hours.

Crashes Involving Amazon Trucks Are on the Rise

FedEx, who used to deliver air shipments for Amazon, terminated their contract in 2019. By late 2021, Amazon executives announced that they anticipated Amazon would exceed both FedEx and UPS in terms of parcels delivered by the end of 2022, meaning you would see an uptick in their trucks and vans on the road.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime has soared in popularity in recent years, especially since it allows Prime customers within the contiguous U.S. to receive all eligible items for free within two business days. This offer has led to an uptick in sales, especially in some of the most rural parts of Idaho, where it’s often quicker and more cost-effective to get items you need this way as opposed to traveling elsewhere to get them. This increase in purchases has necessitated more Amazon trucks traveling en route to a local or more distant distribution center or traveling to customers’ homes, meaning there’s a higher potential of motorists coming into contact and colliding with them.

Why Amazon Driver Accidents Occur in Idaho

Some of Amazon’s business practices, including the following, leave Idahoans vulnerable to having a crash with its trucks:

  • Distractions: From using GPS for directions or handheld devices to scan packages and then their own personal smartphones, there are lots of electronic devices that can potentially distract Amazon truckers, taking their eyes, ears, and minds off the road and removing their hands off the steering wheel. While this data from the Idaho Transportation Department from 2021 doesn’t specify the types of vehicles involved, 18.2% of all crashes in our state that year were attributable to distracted driving.
  • External pressures to deliver: Truckers find themselves in a hurry to get to and fro as they may have in excess of 100 packages to deliver daily (plus whatever they couldn’t deliver the day before or if a colleague falls behind). Amazon drivers may feel overwhelmed trying to meet unrealistic performance requirements (such as unreasonable deadlines), leading them to engage in reckless driving that results in a crash.
  • Unfamiliarity with directions: Amazon’s expansion of operations into unchartered territory has brought an influx of new residents into the area seeking employment. These are individuals who may not be familiar with directions, our roadways, and typical driving behaviors, which can lead to mistakes that result in crashes.
  • Braking concerns: Idaho has notoriously long and brutal winters. Ice can easily form on roadways. Amazon workers inexperienced in driving delivery vans or trucks may not realize how a load’s weight or how it’s secured in place affects braking distances—especially if there’s ice accumulation on the roadway.

There are likely countless other factors that may contribute to the occurrence of Amazon truck and van crashes in Idaho. Whatever the cause of your crash, you can count on our attorneys at the Trucking Injury Law Group to identify it and compile evidence necessary for you to move forward in filing a claim or lawsuit. So, contact us for a free case evaluation so we can get to work on your case today.

Compensation Victims of Amazon Truck Crashes Can Recover

Many people may consider it a gift if they survive a collision with an Amazon delivery van or truck. However, even if such a crash doesn’t claim a person’s life, it can nonetheless leave them with debilitating injuries, significant financial losses, and other types of damages, such as:

  • Helicopter transport fees from the crash scene to a trauma hospital
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Initial and follow-up surgical costs
  • In or outpatient rehabilitative care expenses
  • Medications
  • Assistive device acquisition
  • Renovation costs to make their home wheelchair accessible
  • Lost wages and future lost earnings
  • Vocational training if they must retrain for another career because their injuries prevent them from returning to their former one
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish or emotional distress

All of the above-referenced expenses are potentially recoverable by victims filing a claim or lawsuit against Amazon or its contract carriers.

Also, surviving loved ones of those who die in Amazon truck accidents in Idaho can file a wrongful death suit demanding compensation such as funeral or burial costs and losses of consortium or companionship in addition to many of the damages described above.

If you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in an Amazon truck accident in Idaho, you undoubtedly have extensive bills already and are likely to incur others in the future. You’ll need to secure a maximum settlement to cover all these expenses. Our attorneys are confident in our ability to help you do that. Schedule a free consultation with our legal team to discuss your options today.

Understanding Liability for Amazon Truck Accidents in Idaho

As for liability, while Idaho is an at-fault state that allows you to pursue damages from the person who actually struck you, you may also be eligible to take legal action against alternate or additional parties such as:

  • Amazon as a company: This may be an option if the truck or van’s driver was a bona fide employee of the retailer
  • The contract carrier: This could be the private individual contractor or company that makes deliveries on behalf of Amazon
  • An automaker or auto parts manufacturer: This could be the case if a defective vehicle or its components caused the crash

Thus, while the crash report you have in hand may list insurance information for a driver, there may be a whole host of parties you can hold liable for your Amazon truck accident in Idaho aside from what meets the eye—the trucker or van operator.

Also, in terms of liability, Idaho is a modified comparative fault state and subscribes to a 50% rule. While we’ll describe the implications of this below, just know that this rule means that you can only recover compensation if you were less than half at fault for what occurred.

Why Work With an Idaho Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer

It may seem straightforward enough to look at the portion of the accident report where it lists motorist information and to take the information there for the Amazon driver who struck you, call their insurance company, file a claim, submit medical bills and other expense records for repayment, and receive a check in the mail. However easy that process seems, remember insurance companies are in the business of making money.

You can expect an insurer to pull out all the stops to deny liability whenever possible so they don’t have to pay on your claim. This often means that an insurance adjuster will try to trip you up, getting you to admit to a certain chain of events that did not occur preceding your crash that makes you seem 50% or more liable for what happened. And, if that doesn’t work, then you can expect them to downplay your injuries, trying to get you to admit that you’re feeling better than you really are so that they can say you didn’t require treatment past a certain point and use that as an excuse for not paying your bills.

It’s also commonplace for insurers to deny liability for a crash and instead blame a co-defendant for what happened so they can reduce their legal liability.

Insurers often employ the tactics described above in virtually any case to protect their “interests.”

However, the difference between an unrepresented and represented wreck victim having to deal with this treatment is that insurance adjusters often get by (succeed) when using manipulative tactics with those who don’t have an attorney advising them of what to say or how to handle certain scenarios. That’s seldom the case with car crash survivors or their loved ones when they do have a lawyer guiding them through the claims process after an Amazon truck accident in Idaho.

When it comes to attorneys, whether you live in Coeur d’Alene, Nampa, Boise, Moscow, or anywhere else in the Gem State, there are likely many to help you navigate how to file a claim or lawsuit after a delivery truck crash. However, the more complex a crash, the more important it is that you have the most experienced attorney representing you.

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One detail to know about our law firm, the Trucking Injury Law Group, is that we’re comprised of a team of experienced lawyers who only handle van, bus, truck, and other types of commercial carrier accidents. This specialization means we have regular experience handling cases like yours and thus are familiar with all the sneaky tactics insurance adjusters use to minimize their liability. Insurers understand the buck stops with us, which helps us secure the best possible outcome in our clients’ cases.

We regularly handle Amazon truck accidents in Idaho and would like to support you with yours. An initial consultation with an attorney is completely free, so reach out to Trucking Injury Law Group to have a conversation about your crash and your rights so we can discuss how we can help you. Act fast, though, because there’s a two-year deadline that applies for filing claims or lawsuits against negligent parties. So, reach out to us now.