Listed below are just some of the verdicts and settlements we’ve recovered for clients:

$104,000,000 – Hepatitis C Outbreak

Washington v. Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada LLC: Retired Air Force mechanic contracted Hepatitis C from a routine medical procedure. His was part of a large outbreak of infections traced to multi-dosing from large vials of the sedative Propofol. The jury awarded compensatory damages of $7 million each to husband and wife and ordered the manufacturer, Teva Parenteral Medicines, Inc., to pay punitive damages of $60 million and the distributor, Baxter Healthcare Corp., to pay punitive damages of $30 million. This award was #7 in the Top Ten Jury Verdicts for 2011 and handled by Matt Sharp and Lincoln Sieler.

$67,500,000 – Defective Coal Respirators

Cox v. 3M: A $67.5 million product liability verdict was awarded in Kentucky on behalf of coal miners who suffered from black lung disease even though they wore respirators that were supposed to protect them while working in the mines. Lincoln Sieler was involved in this case.

$35,000,000 – Catastrophic Injuries from Truck Collision

Doe v. ABC Trucking: Commercial trucking collision that resulted in catastrophic injuries. This case involved Matt Sharp, Lincoln Sieler, and Kevin Coluccio.

$27,000,000 – Trucking Case

Matt Sharp obtained a $27,000,000 settlement following a truck collision.

$11,250,000 – Wrongful Deaths/TBI from Truck Collision

A distracted semi-truck driver slammed into a car at full highway speed. Kevin Coluccio and co-counsel got a $34,250,000 result in 2018 for two wrongful death claims and a survivor with a traumatic brain injury, including $11,250,000 for the parents of the deceased 15-year-old passenger. See more information here.

$9,000,000 – Wrongful Death Following Taxi Collision

Doe v. ABC Taxi Company: A commercial transportation association claimed that its driver was an independent contractor and refused to take responsibility for a horrific and deadly traffic collision. After the association’s insurer rejected a policy limits offer, a six-day trial on the issue of agency took place, and the jury returned a unanimous verdict in the plaintiff’s favor. The case subsequently settled for many times the association’s insurance policy limit. Lincoln Sieler was involved in this case.

$7,200,000 – Defective Coal Respirator

Couch v. MSA: A $7.2 million product liability verdict in Kentucky was obtained on behalf of a coal miner who suffered from black lung disease even though he wore a respirator that was supposed to protect him while he worked in the mines. This is believed to have been the first coal-dust respirator case to go to trial in the country. Lincoln Sieler was involved in this case.

$7,000,000 – Burns After Semi-Truck Crash

A high school student sustained serious burn injuries in a semi-truck crash caused by a distracted truck driver. Kevin Coluccio negotiated a seven million dollar settlement, securing the young burn victim’s ongoing and future medical care.

$4,250,000 – Loss of Leg Following Van Accident

Kevin Coluccio obtained a payment of $4,250,000 for a man suffering the loss of his lower leg when he was hit by a van that failed to yield the right of way at an intersection.

$4,000,000 – Street Sweeper Wrongful Death Collision

In 2020, attorney Kevin Coluccio, with co-counsel, represented the family of a man who was killed when he was struck by a street sweeper. See more information here.

$3,700,000 – Wrongful Death Following Truck Crash

A 46-year-old airline pilot was killed after a truck turned left in front of his motorcycle, resulting in fatal injuries. Kevin Coluccio represented his family in the wrongful death lawsuit, securing a $3,700,000.00 result.

$2,700,000 – Two Wrongful Deaths in Rear-End Truck Crash

Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented the estates of two children who were passengers in a vehicle that rear-ended a commercial truck that had stopped in the road.

Confidential Settlement – Logging Truck Collision

Attorney Kevin Coluccio negotiated a confidential settlement for a man who sustained neck fractures, a broken jaw, and broken teeth after a log truck collision on State Route 4 near Longview, Washington in 2021. See more information here.

Confidential Settlement – Trucking Wrongful Death Claim

In 2021, attorney Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a policy limits settlement for a pastor killed in a semi-truck and trailer collision in Oregon. Attorney Coluccio was also able to pursue an errors and omissions claim against the trucking company’s insurance broker allowing for an additional confidential settlement.

Confidential Settlement – Truck Crash Wrongful Death

In 2018, a confidential settlement was obtained for the children of a truck driver who died when he was run over by a semi-truck and trailer in Washington, while assisting another driver with a disabled vehicle. Coluccio procured a full policy limits settlement for the truck driver’s children and family members.

Policy Limits Settlement – Head-On Collision

After his client was involved in a head-on collision in 2021, attorney Kevin Coluccio was able to establish that a second rear-end collision had occurred and obtained additional policy coverage providing the client with payment of two policy limits under the client’s insurance coverage.

To see more results from cases our attorneys have helped resolve, please see additional results from Coluccio Law, Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp, and Friedman | Rubin.