We’ve put together some useful resources for those who have had their life impacted by a truck wreck or who know someone who has:

Commercial Truck Crashes Aren’t Accidents

Our attorneys firmly believe that commercial motor vehicle crashes are not accidents and that the term “accidents” does not apply. Trucking collisions are preventable and when they occur, someone should be held liable. Learn more about our beliefs and why we believe in them so strongly.

What to Do After a Crash

Here you’ll find a checklist of everything you should do after being involved in a truck wreck. These tips can be useful to ensure everyone gets the medical care they need and to make sure the first steps of a successful investigation can happen.

The Importance of Board Certification

At Trucking Injury Law Group, we’re proud to have an attorney on our team who is NBTA board certified. What does that mean? We go into details here.

Why Hire Trucking Injury Law Group?

Interested in learning why you should hire us to help you resolve your truck accident claim? Here are just a few reasons.

Help for Survivors and Families

We have put together a list of some useful tips and information for truck crash survivors and families of those involved in a wreck. This information can be useful regardless of when the collision happened. Recovery isn’t something you can always put a time stamp on.

Recoverable Damages

Here you’ll find a concise list of the different types of recoverable compensation after a truck accident. Determining what compensation is available and why is often quite complex.

Driving Safely Near Trucks

We have created a list of useful tips for driving safely around commercial trucks to anyone who’s interested in learning how to best avoid collisions or simply become a better driver.

Truck Blind Spots: How to Stay Out of the No-Zones

Truckers have to contend with more blind spots than drivers of passenger vehicles. Here’s some good information to know about truck blind spots and how to safely avoid these “no-zones” when driving near a large truck.

Truck Vehicle Technology

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of vehicle technology that large trucks may be capable of having equipped that can help prevent and minimize tragic accidents.

How to Report a Trucking Company to the DOT

If you’ve witnessed a trucker exhibiting dangerous behaviors, issuing a report could save lives. Here’s how you go about reporting a dangerous truck driver or company to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Trucking Regulations

We have put together basic lists of many common trucking regulations, both on a federal level and in the states we practice in. These regulations apply in many cases.

CDL Manuals

Here you’ll find a list of the CDL manuals that truckers must adhere to and follow for most U.S. states.

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Truck Drivers

Here’s everything you need to know about under what circumstances truckers must be tested for drug and alcohol abuse and how these tests are utilized.