Kevin Coluccio Authors Article on Truck Driver Routes in ATAA Newsletter

Published on January 25, 2024, by gavlpublisher

Trucking Industry

Kevin Coluccio Authors Article on Truck Driver Routes in ATAA Newsletter

Attorney Kevin Coluccio recently drafted “Duties & Responsibilities of Route Planning.” The article was published in the latest edition of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) newsletter. It discusses the duties and responsibilities of route planning for motor carriers and commercial drivers in the context of truck accidents.

“Before beginning any journey, the commercial driver must approach their trip with the primary goal of the safe operation of their equipment and public safety.”

In the article, Kevin emphasizes the importance of pre-planning routes to ensure safety and prevent incidents by following commonly accepted rules and standards of route planning.

A case study is presented, as well, detailing a bridge collapse caused by a lack of route planning for an oversized load to provide “an illustration of the responsibilities and duties of motor carriers and commercial drivers. A responsibility and duty that they cannot pass on to others.”

The article explores various factors that should be considered in route planning, including bridges, weather conditions, road surface conditions, construction zones, and more, as well as a list of questions to ask yourself when planning a route, including:

  • Are the clearances for bridge heights accurate?
  • What is the traffic pattern (e.g., rush hour)?
  • Where are the dangerous goods routes?

While there are no specific federal regulations addressing route planning, the author highlights relevant sections and emphasizes the need for adherence to industry standards and company manuals.

The conclusion underscores the importance of focusing on the actions of the motor carrier and commercial driver during trip preparation to strengthen legal cases related to truck accidents.

Kevin Coluccio, an experienced Pacific Northwest truck accident attorney and graduate of Seattle University School of Law, shares insights gained from years of representing seriously injured individuals and families in the civil justice system and ends the article with the following advice gleaned from his experience specializing in truck accident cases:

“As with all cases, know the regulations, rules, and standards that would apply to the driver’s trip and route. A focus on the actions of the motor carrier and commercial driver’s trip preparation and consideration of any possible obstacles, hazards, and conditions will go a long way in proving your case.”

A Truck Accident Attorney nationally certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, Coluccio takes great pride in delivering accountability and justice.